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History of ASMOFQ

History of ASMOFQ

ASMOFQ was first registered as a state union in 2000. The federal union, ASMOF, affiliated with the ACTU back in 1991, after a long federation process of state-based doctors employee associations around Australia.

The importance of having a union for doctors, run by doctors, reached prominence during the 2014 SMO Contract Crisis - where senior doctors in Queensland Health were forced on to blatantly unfair contracts by legislation, as well as being viciously attacked in the media.

Dr Tony Sara, the ASMOF president at the time, led the campaign against these unfair contracts, along with several current ASMOFQ committee members.

This successful campaign stressed the importance of having a robust state union, affiliated with the federal union ASMOF, and thus able to draw on considerable resources of a national organisation. The federal union ASMOF has 13,000 members nationwide, and ASMOFQ has almost 3,000 members at present.

ASMOFQ membership has steadily increased over the last two decades, where other membership organisations have generally faced declining numbers.

ASMOFQ stands as a strong, stable and necessary organisation to advocate for Queensland doctors.

Published Date: September 26, 2020
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