MOCA 6: Feb 2022

MOCA 6: Feb 2022

MOCA 5 is the Medical Officers’ Certified Agreement which contains all the entitlements and conditions of employment for over 10,000 junior and senior doctors who work for Queensland Health. You can read about our MOCA 5 wins here.

It will expire in just over six months, on the 30th June 2022.

ASMOFQ will begin negotiating a new agreement with Queensland Health, with these meetings set to begin in February 2022 (delayed from January 2022 due to the Omicron wave)

As the MOCA is your employment contract with Queensland Health, it is important to have expert industrial staff to negotiate on your behalf and get it right. If you had to negotiate an individual contract by yourself against a huge employer such as Queensland Health, you would undoubtedly be at a huge disadvantage.

In 2014-15, the Newman Government forced doctors from a certified agreement (MOCA 3) to individual contracts, which were unfair and left doctors worse off with regards to workplace protections and conditions. With a change in government, doctors were changed back to being employed under a certified agreement (MOCA 4), and subsequently MOCA 5 (the current agreement).

Only a union, such as ASMOFQ, can sign a certified (or collective) agreement with Queensland Health on behalf of doctors. We build of log of claims together with our members, and then start the formal negotiating process. Once we have negotiated with Queensland Health to a point where we have in-principle agreement the terms and conditions that should be included (based on our log of claims), then the agreement is then drafted and put to all doctors for a vote – a majority vote means that the agreement is then accepted.

Providing high quality industrial relations services, such as negotiating certified agreements, is not free. It costs significant amounts of money, and thus the more members we have, the stronger we are as an organisation, and the better we can serve our profession.

By joining (or renewing) as a member of ASMOFQ, you will enable us to fight for fair and reasonable entitlements and conditions at your place of work.

If you have any submissions for our log of claims, please contact us via our email address: