Queensland Health - MOCA 5

Queensland Health - MOCA 5

In partnership with AMA Queensland, the Australian Salaried Medical Officers’ Federation Queensland (ASMOFQ), is  preparing for the next round of the Medical Officers’ Certified Agreement negotiations  with Queensland Health. This agreement impacts your pay, terms and conditions and we will be representing your interests directly when negotiating the agreement with Queensland Health.

Ahead of the formal negotiation period commencing in January 2018, we are writing to you as a member  covered by the current Medical Officers’ Certified Agreement 4 (MOCA 4) and  seeking expression of interest (EIO) in becoming a Local MOCA 5 Representative. 

The  role of a Local MOCA 5 Representative will be to:

  • Attend meetings with members  from the Lead MOCA 5 Negotiating Team on MOCA 5 negotiation  updates;
  • Provide and circulate updates  on the MOCA 5 negotiations to local members;
  • Meet with members regarding MOCA 5 negotiations; and
  • Promote the recruitment of new members.

By becoming a Local MOCA  Representative you will greatly assist with ensuring that members receive regular  updates regarding how the negotiations are proceeding and you will be the first  to know what outcomes have been achieved.

This role is vitally important in ensuring that we achieve  the best possible outcomes at the negotiating table. It is crucial that our membership  is strong and continues to grow. Without maintaining our strong membership our  bargaining power diminishes. It will take our collective might to win improved  pay and benefits in MOCA 5.

If you are interested in becoming a Local MOCA Representative or have any  further queries, please email us at moca5@amaq.com.au or on 07 3872 2228.

Your involvement increases our success  at the negotiating table.

Negotiation Documentation 

MOCA 5 Log of Claims 

Queensland Health Intention to Bargain