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Public Interest Disclosure (PID)

A whistleblower is someone who brings improper conduct by a public body or official to public attention, so that it can be investigated. A whistleblower will often come forward because of a sense of public duty and personal ethical standards. Anyone may 'blow the whistle', including members of the public and employees of government departments such as doctors in public hospitals.

The problem with the current Queensland Health policy on Whistleblowers is first that the pathway of hierarchical escalation is often through the very individuals that the whistleblower is trying to expose. Secondly, it penalizes the whistleblower if they contact the media, by removing whistleblower indemnity. Often whistleblowers feel they have exhausted "normal" channels and have to turn to the media for natural justice.

ASMOFQ provides confidential support for any member who feels that they wish to become a whistleblower.

Support for Whistleblowers can be found at Whistleblowers Australia.

Published Date: June 24, 2016
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