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Rotation and Secondment Expenses

Costs associated with relocation, including travel, accommodation and utilities are free of charge to all doctors who are rotated or seconded away from their home as per IRM 2.7-5 and IRM2.7-11 and the District Health Services – Senior Medical Officers’ and Resident Medical Officers’ Award – State 2003. Telephone and electricity is also currently free of charge. Further one off appointment expenses should be free of charge as per IRM 2.7-32. However, Queensland Health are proposing to take these entitlements away except if the RMO is an accredited trainee.

ASMOFQ believes that IRM 2.7-5 and IRM 2.7-11 currently has application to RMO’s of all classes if they have had to leave their home in order to service a distant hospital at the direction of Queensland Health. As the employer Queensland health dictates the order to attend another hospital rather than the colleges to which a trainee or prevocational trainee may belong or be affiliated. While it is true that the college confirms the positions in a given specialty the vast majority of non-metropolitan positions are not credentialed for advanced training and exist primarily as service positions.

RMO’s are significantly disadvantaged when rotated away from family and friends. Further there are diminished educational opportunities. Finally the jobs themselves are often service jobs that often could not be filled by advertisement for permanent staff.
ASMOFQ estimates that over half the non-metropolitan hospital workforce is made up of junior doctors that are removed from their home by request of Queensland.

Queensland health has chosen to remove discussion around the interpretation of industrial entitlements from the peak union employer interface of MIBB and placed it in the hands of its medical advisory panel which is made up of medical administrators. This has occurred in the interpretation of the access to courses clause and this has been repeated in the production of the recent Queensland Health draft guideline “Appointment and Relocation Expenses- Resident Medical Officers".


Published Date: June 24, 2016
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