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How to Interpret your Pay Advice Sheet

  1. Check your Classification (Box in top right hand corner of your payslip). Make sure that you are being paid at the right rate for your year   from graduation. Your pay rate should increase for every calendar year from the date you started with Queensland Health.
  2.  Check that the total ordinary hours for each day is correct.
  3. Check that overtime is being paid at time and a half for the first 3 hours Monday – Saturday and double time for overtime worked thereafter.
  4. Sunday is always paid at double time.
  5. Public holidays are paid at time and a half for most public holidays and double time and a half for Labour Day, local annual show day or Easter Saturday.
  6. Lunch breaks – Obviously it is ideal to pass off your phone or pager to another doctor while you are on lunch. If you are unable to take your nominated ½ hour lunch break without interruption from pagers or phones you are entitled to claim overtime for this. If you work through lunch, then this counts towards when you reach double time (i.e. then you only need to work 2.5 hrs after the end of your rostered shift to then receive double time).
  7. You are entitled to a meal allowance when you work longer than 10 continuous hours and again when the continuous periods exceed 15 hours. Alternatively, the hospital can provide you with a meal free of charge.
  8. Fatigue penalties and fatigue stand down. If you work so much overtime that you do not have an 8-hour break, from the start of regular hours on Monday (e.g. 0730) to the end of Friday (e.g. 1630), you are entitled to be paid at double time until such time as you have had an 8 hour break from duty. You are then entitled to be paid your normal wage for that day even though you are not at work. (Except if you worked for less than 2 hours during the period you were incurring the fatigue in which case you are not entitled to fatigue leave). It is always good policy to inform your director of your fatigue.
  9. If you are called in overnight you are entitled to 2 hours of pay minimum despite the length of time you worked. The clock starts from the time you leave home until the time you return home. If you are required to use your own vehicle to return to the hospital, you are entitled to claim mileage from your home and back again.
  10. Check you have been paid for your call and the payment is the right rate’ i.e. proximate or remote and that it covers the exact on call period.

How to Avoid Being Underpaid

  1. When contacting payroll always be polite and courteous.
  2. Remember the pay office can only pay what you have claimed.
  3. Keep copies of your payslips and timesheets, if you ring in your overtime, then keep a copy of the hours you rang in and the conversation number (you may have to ask for this at the time).
  4. The key to claiming your backpay is to make sure that timesheets are accurate. Queensland Health's current timesheet system is not consistent across different hospitals and may be subject to alteration In order to do this you should keep your own timesheets. This is the only way to ensure that you have accurate records.
  5. If your claim form does not have a box to claim NO MEAL BREAK make one.
  6. Remember to write down when you are fatigued. If a fatigue box does not exist then make one.
  7. Make sure that if you are recalled or called in that you claim the time worked from leaving home to arriving back home again.
  8. Remember that if you are required to use your private vehicle to attend a call back you can claim a mileage allowance from home and back again. Keep a diary record and claim this each week on the motor vehicle mileage claim form.
  9. Keep Ur’s on patients whom you are called in about in case you are audited.
  10. If you are asked to step up and fill the role of a registrar or PHO when you are a junior, for longer than 3 days, then you are entitled to be paid at the rate of the person you are replacing. Ensure that medical administration advises payroll that you will be acting in a higher classification.
  11. If you are uncomfortable with acting in a higher position, because you do not believe you have the necessary experience or skills, advise medical administration.
  12. Phoning the pay office may not have the desired outcome, unless your claim is in writing they do not have to action any claim. If you find you have been underpaid, write a letter to pay office claiming your additional entitlements and make sure you request a separate pay advice sheet, rather than adding it onto your regular pay advice.

Published Date: June 24, 2016
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