Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)


Queensland Health can charge you FBT directly via your salary-sacrificing cap up to $17,000 grossed up value and once that has been exceeded they can bill you directly.

FBT on Rotation and Secondment to a Private Hospital

If you continue to salary sacrifice when working in a private hospital (non benevolent institution) while on secondment from the public sector, Queensland Health will bill you directly at the end of the tax year for the full amount. This happens even if the public hospital rotates you to the private hospital against your will and continues to pay you directly via the public hospital payroll. We know of doctors charged with an FBT bill of the whole amount of the $17,000 grossed up value. ASMOFQ advises that you are entitled to refuse the rotation. If you decide to accept the term then you should cease salary sacrifice arrangements for the period of time you are at the private hospital or you will incur an FBT bill.

FBT on Rotation and Secondment to a public Hospital

Due to changes that Queensland Health applied for in federal FBT legislation relating to the definitions of “rural and remote" medical staff you can be charged FBT (48c in the dollar) on travel, accommodation, electricity board etc while on secondment and rotation. In particular, it is important that you recognize that if you rent your own accommodation (instead of using Queensland Health provided accommodation) and then try to claim the accommodation expenses back, you will be hit for an FBT bill of approximately half your rent bill at the end of the financial year. If Queensland health does not provide accommodation when you are entitled to it, you should advise Queensland Health to enter into a lease on your behalf in order to avoid the FBT implications. Because of the difficulty in finding suitable accommodation you should begin this process at least 2 months before your rotation/transfer.

FBT on taking up a new job or Conference/Travel

While relieving in other hospitals or as part of your relocation and accommodation package of appointment. You can also be charged for conference travel arrangements.