Campaigns for Change

Campaigns for Change

Sometimes an issue is just too important to compromise on and ASMOFQ recognises that even negotiation has limitations. In these instances we have launched campaigns for change.

MOCA 4 Oversight Committee

As part of MOCA 4 an oversight committee will be established. The committee will do an audit within the first year of the agreement of Professional Development Leave for RMO’s. In order to gain accurate data for this audit we are requesting all RMO’s send us a copy of their PDL which has been denied. Further, any other concerns RMO’s or SMO’s have in regards to the implementation of MOCA 4.

Please send all concerns to ASMOFQ via email at:


Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 

On 16 June 2016, the Hon Curtis Pitt MP, Treasurer, introduced the Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (The Bill). The Bill proposes changes to the Superannuation (State Public Sector) Act 1990 (QSuper Act) which has the potential to affect ASMOFQ members, particularly those who are on the defined benefit superannuation scheme. 

If approved, the Bill proposes to:

  1. Allow the Treasurer discretion to reduce a defined benefit members multiplier where there has been a significant change to a public servants superannuable salary due to the inclusion of allowances already being paid but were previously not superannuable;
  2. Provide members a choice of fund, excluding those on defined benefit; and
  3. Amended the QSuper Act to open their membership to the general public (open fund);

ASMOFQ does not support the proposed changes that will negatively impact on your superannuation entitlement. Including, allowing the Queensland Treasurer the discretion to reduce a person’s multiplier in certain circumstances. Whilst ASMOFQ appreciates equity between members, we are also concerned about how the change may affect some member’s final superannuation payout. ASMOFQ holds concerns that the power to make such changes may be adopted in other circumstances in the future.

The ASMOFQ Executive has reviewed the proposed Bill and will be engaging with the Treasurer to express members concerns and advise we will not accept any changes that will negatively impact on member’s superannuation entitlements.

The proposed Bill is yet to be debated in parliament. In light of this, ASMOFQ is urging all members to sign the petition against the introduction of these changes.

If you would like more information please contact the ASMOFQ Industrial Officers on (07) 3872 2222 or or explore the follow links: