Our Objectives & Structure

Our Objectives & Structure

Our Objectives

ASMOFQ's Constitution and Rules state the Union shall be governed by State Council which shall be the supreme governing authority of the Union. ASMOFQ’s objectives are:
to promote and protect the broad interests of salaried medical practitioners,
- to provide services to its members, and
to advocate the provision and development of quality health services.

State Branches

ASMOFQ’s Constitution Rules provides that State Council shall consist of delegates from the State Branches. The State Branches are:
Doctors in Training
- Specialists
- Medical Superintendents
- Career Medical Officers
- Others

In addition, there is an Associate Members branch, which does not have voting rights.

State Council

State Council consists of delegates from each State Branches based on the number of member in each State Branch. A State Branch that has less than 50 members is entitled to one delegate to State Council up to a maximum of 7 delegates. State Council is elected every three years.
The State Officers are the State President, State Vice President, State Secretary and State Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. No State Branch shall have more than 2 delegates elected as State Officers. No member may hold any of office of State President, State Vice President, State Secretary or State Assistant Secretary/Treasurer for more than 2 completed consecutive terms.

State Executive

Management of ASMOFQ is vested in the State Executive, which is also known as the Committee of Management. State Executive is elected by and from the members of State Council every 3 years. It consists of the State Officers and such number of other State Council members as may be necessary after the election of the State Officers to give each State Branch a minimum of one representative on State Executive. Elections for State Council, State Officers and State Executive are conducted by the Queensland Electoral Commission.