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Who is ASMOFQ?

ASMOFQ is the Queensland Doctors only union run for Doctors by doctors. This puts us in the unique and powerful position of not having to balance the issues of more than one interest group. Your subscription to ASMOFQ puts us in an even stronger position to be able to effectively bargain for your entitlements. The greater our membership the more resources we will have to bring force to bear during the collective bargaining process. A strong membership sends a clear message to government that we stand united and will not tolerate substandard conditions or entitlements.

How do you benefit from joining ASMOFQ?

If you become a member you are a phone call away from finding out exactly what your entitlements are and how you can access them. If you have problems with your employer for example over wages and time records we have the power to enter the workplace and examine the records. We then negotiate directly on your behalf to make sure your employer complies with your entitlements. If those negotiations fail we can take your employer to the industrial relations commission and compel them to do the right thing.

We have vast experience in personal representation in formal grievances and inquiries. There is no such thing as retrospective cover - Don’t wait until you have a problem – Then it is too late to join!

We are an energetic and dynamic organization with a focus on both supporting our senior salaried staff and also on improving conditions for junior staff. We understand that junior staff in particular can feel vulnerable when dealing with employers and we are committed to ongoing industrial reform to reduce the necessity for confrontation.

ASMOFQ also offers special services such as payroll auditing for those members that don’t want to self audit (or who don’t have enough time)
Sponsorship is also available for RMO societies and student groups.

Why should you join ASMOFQ?

There are many reasons for joining ASMOFQ but here are most important ones:
protection against unfair treatment in the workplace,
protection of your rights at the workplace,
expert advice and assistance to members on wages and hours of work,
information, advice and support to get organised in the workplace.

People who are not ASMOFQ members may need to pay thousands of dollars to lawyers to get similar advice or support.

What is involved in being a member of ASMOFQ?

Being an ASMOFQ member is the way to make a real difference for you and your colleagues at work. Each doctor has to choose the level of involvement that best suits him or her. ASMOFQs will always achieve better results when its members are actively involved in the ASMOFQ. Being active can be simply a matter of discussing workplace issues with colleagues and letting your ASMOFQ Hospital Rep know of any issues or suggestions as they arise. Alternately you can become a part of your branch council and sit on branch meetings. It doesn’t stop there you can become a rep on committees involved in direct negotiation with Queensland Health. If you are interested in finding out more about ways to be actively involved in the ASMOFQ, contact us on

How does the ASMOFQ work in the hospital?

The strength and effectiveness of ASMOFQ in your workplace depends on you and your fellow doctors - the more active you are the better for all. In the same way, the more people who choose to be ASMOFQ members – the stronger the voice on important matters in the hospitals. Representatives play a key role in supporting members at work in dealing with workplace matters. Your Rep is your first point of call to get a question answered or to raise a work issue. Find out who your Rep is and let them know you have joined the ASMOFQ - if you don't have a Rep and would like to find out about what the role of the rep is, contact your ASMOFQ office on

Published Date: October 31, 2007
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