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On 7 May 2015 the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, the Honourable Curtis Pitt introduced the Industrial Relations (Restoring Fairness) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 (Bill) to the Queensland Parliament. 

Through this Bill the Palaszczuk Government is attempting to reverse some of the worst aspects of the former Newman Government’s industrial laws.

What’s good about the Bill?

The Bill proposes to:

  • remove the “non-allowable provisions” introduced by the LNP which prevented future industrial instruments from containing provisions about vital issues such as:
    •  Right of Private Practice;
    •  employment security;
    •  consultation with unions regarding organisational change;
    •  training arrangements;
    • workload management; and
    •  workforce planning;
  • restore union rights of entry to inspect time and wage records; and
  • return the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission as a “layperson’s tribunal”.

What’s NOT good about the Bill?

The most striking omission from the Bill is its failure to reverse the High Income Guarantee Contracts (HIGC) provisions introduced by the former LNP government in 2013. 

These provisions: 

  • forced senior doctors out of collective bargaining and onto the Senior Medical Officer Contracts of Employment 
  • stripped senior doctors of their protection to have the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission conciliate and arbitrate matters of unfair dismissal. 

Although some of senior doctors’ concerns were able to be addressed during negotiations at that time, a great many remain unresolved under the existing HIGC framework.  The only lasting solution will be to return to a true collective negotiation framework for senior doctors and abolish the HIGC provisions.

Call for submissions

The Bill is currently before the Finance and Administration Committee (Committee), which must report back to parliament by 1 June 2015.  The Committee has invited submissions by 4:00pm on Monday 18 May 2015.

ASMOFQ’s Position

ASMOFQ will:

  • support the removal of the non-allowable provisions;
  • support the return of rights of entry for unions;
  • demand that the Bill be redrafted to reverse the mandatory aspects High Income Guarantee Contracts provisions, thereby allowing senior doctors to have access to collective bargaining and to employment protections such as access to the QIRC in circumstances of unfair dismissal; and
  • support the quick passage of the Bill (if amended as required above) through Parliament so that both junior and senior doctors can have some certainty around their future industrial instruments and rights.  This is particularly important given the imminence of the Nominal Expiry Date for MOCA3.


ASMOFQ encourages every member to make a submission to the Committee regarding the Bill.  This is your chance to ensure that all MPs understand the impact of the loss of rights on salaried doctors and why things need to change.

Please see the “other information” section below for assistance with making a submission.  Alternatively, if you prefer to provide feedback to ASMOFQ, please send an email to

Other information

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For information about this Bill, see:

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