After a long and arduous negotiation process for inclusion of the items outlined in the ASMOFQ log of claims, Queensland Health has made an offer for the MOCA 4.

We encourage you to read the offer and associated documents from Queensland Health carefully. They are available at:


Please note the summary below should be read in conjunction with the documents provided by Queensland Health.

For RMOs:

  • Wage increase of 2.5% per year for the 3 years of the agreement.
  • A provision that recognises the importance and value of professional development for RMO staff and to Queensland Health.
  • Increase to Professional Development Allowance which is also indexed at 2.5% per year.

o    $1500 for non-trainee RMOs (excluding interns). Note: this is a new payment.

o    $2500 for vocational trainees (up from $2000).

  • Maximum of 7 consecutive night shifts followed by a mandatory 96 hours off.
  • Provision of safe travel home (i.e. taxi voucher) when fatigued.

If you are an RMO, it is important that you understand and consider the SMO provisions that have also been negotiated this year. These changes will be highly relevant to you when you become the future SMOs of Queensland Health.

For SMOs:

  • Wage increase of 2.5% per year for the 3 years of the agreement.
  • Pro rata payment of the full motor vehicle allowance for part time SMOs.
  • Restoration of basic rights and a large number of MOCA 3 provisions including fatigue, unfair dismissal, dispute resolution and access to arbitration in the QIRC.
  • A minimum of 10% Clinical Support Time with each individual SMO guaranteed access to some CST.
  • Conversion of the “Private Practice Allowances” into an Attraction and Retention Allowance that is not linked to private practice or KPIs.
  • Removal of punitive KPIs (as above)
  • A default option of payment by exception for on-call, overtime and recall. (SMOs may annualise these if they wish.)
  • Payment of Penalties for rostered shifts in extended hours
  • Consultation and protection against being compelled to work extended hours.
  • Return of employment security in line with government policy.
  • Provision of safe travel home (i.e. taxi voucher) if fatigued.

The wage multipliers for SMOs working shifts and public holidays are explained below for clarity.

On-call (not standby)

12% of base rate


270% of base rate


270% of base rate



Extended hours:


Mon-Fri (6pm-7am)

144% of base rate


187% of base rate


270% of base rate

Public Holidays

216% of base rate 

ASMOFQ is still in discussion with Queensland Health regarding a number of issues including:

  • A larger Professional Development Allowance for vocational trainees to help cover the increasing costs of vocational training.
  • A commitment to audit the access of RMOs to Professional Development Leave.
  • The portability of leave entitlements when a medical officer moves between Hospital and Health Services, such as long service, recreational and maternity leave.
  • The safety and security of medical officers doing shift work, including access to safe parking and adequate facilities in the workplace.

ASMOFQ believes that overall, this offer from Queensland Health is reasonably fair but acknowledges that while a number of important claims have been accepted, there are other issues that were not fully addressed at this time. ASMOFQ will continue to advocate for these into the future.

If you have feedback, concerns or questions, please contact ASMOFQ:

by phone     3872 2222

by email       asmofq@amaq.com.au

We will be issuing a survey to members tomorrow to gather feedback before advising whether an in principle agreement has been made. Please take the time to provide your feedback.

Also, we are happy to provide a MOCA4 briefing session for your hospital either on-site or via AV conference. To arrange this, please contact Renee Lamont on 3872 2222.

Also check our ASMOFQ Facebook page for more information and updates.


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