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Following on from your feedback over the past week, the majority of members communicated their support for the principles outlined in MOCA 4. 

This was conveyed to Queensland Health representatives on Tuesday 4 August 2015, and an in-principle agreement was confirmed between Queensland Health, ASMOFQ and Together Unions. Queensland Health and the unions will now go ahead with drafting the formal MOCA 4 agreement based on the clauses of the offer.

Some the features of the 3 year offer include:

  • Increase to wages of 2.5%, backdated to 1 July and further incremented by the same percentage on each of the next two anniversaries of that date;
  • An increase to PDA for RMOs which will be indexed by 2.5% each year of the agreement, payable from the date of certification of the agreement;
  • Permission for RMOs to take PDL will not be unreasonably withheld;
  • The Motor Vehicle Allowance will be applied equitably between full time and part time SMOs, payable from the date of certification of the agreement;
  • A commitment to review fatigue management strategies;
  • No SMO will be compelled to work extended hours, unless such extended hours were already in place by 31 July 2015.

For SMOs with non generic provisions in their contracts that have expired or are due to expire, MOCA 4 will not guarantee their rollover. The responsibility to commence  discussion about renewal of such provisions is the responsibility of the individual SMO. HHSs have been reminded that, if approached, negotiations of such provisions should occur. MOCA 4 will guarantee translation of whatever arrangements are in place at the date of certification.

In relation to items in our log of claims that were not accepted, please be assured that ASMOFQ, in partnership with AMA Queensland, will continue to pursue these matters on your behalf.

ASMOFQ recognises this process should largely fulfil the extinguishing contracts, thus restoring fairness for Queensland doctors in the workplace. In addition, ASMOFQ looks forward to a new era of genuine consultation and collaboration with the Department of Health and the Minister to deliver high-quality and efficient patient services.

The drafting process could take a number of months, and we anticipate the final draft will be put to a formal ballot no earlier than the end of September 2015.  One of the reasons for the delay is that the Award Modernisation process, which will underpin MOCA 4, will not be complete until 30 September 2015. Certification of the agreement is dependent upon a majority of SMO and RMO doctors voting in favour in the ballot.

If you have any queries on the MOCA 4 Agreement, please contact Renee Lamont on 07 3872 2222 or r.lamont@amaq.com.au.

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