Dear Member,

ASMOFQ has been working hard on your behalf, to negotiate with Queensland Health for a fair and equitable Medical Officers Certified Agreement No. 4 (MOCA 4) to replace MOCA 3 for RMOs (expired) and contracts for SMOs.

Queensland Health and the Negotiation Team are seeking to negotiate a MOCA 4 that covers both RMOs and SMOs by 31 July 2015, which is a very short time frame. VMOs will continue to work under their current arrangement until further consultation occurs. We now have less than a month to negotiate and secure a reasonable MOCA 4.

ASMOFQ has consulted with members and presented a log of claims to QHealth regarding what you want to see in a MOCA 4.

General and SMO issues:

  • Return of previously stripped away rights under industrial relations legislation such as fatigue provisions, unfair dismissal and the ability to take pay and other disputes to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) for fair and independent resolution.
  • Employment security for medical officers.
  • An increase in medical officers’ pay in line with the Queensland Government wages policy (currently 2.5%).
  • Payment of all overtime and on-call is to be by exception (using AVAC forms).
  • Payment of on-call is to be by exception as a default, with the option for a medical officer to annualise their on-call if they elect to.
  • Part time SMOs to receive a proper pro rata vehicle allowance payment instead of the 50% fraction they currently receive.
  • SMOs to gain access to Professional Development Leave outside their core hours (paid at ordinary rates).
  • Remuneration not linked to performance of private practice or KPIs.
  • Increased management accountability regarding fatigue management and safe rostering practices.
  • Doctors working extended hours rosters by agreement and with appropriate compensation (penalty rates).
  • Consistent application of the MOCA4 and underlying award across groups of medical officers and across Health and Hospital Services.

Specific RMO issues:

  • A clear definition of “Professional Development.”
  • Increased access to Professional Development leave and auditing of access to PDL across HHSs.
  • An increased Professional Development Allowance that takes into account the actual financial costs of courses and vocational training. This should be indexed to further pay increases.
  • Safe and secure facilities for RMOs (ie. Lighting, security, parking at night) and a review of the guidelines for medical officers facilities.
  • Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) instead of overtime payments if an RMO elects to take it. This would be paid out at overtime rates if not taken within six months.

In the lead up to the end of this month, ASMOFQ will continue to listen to its members, provide you with updates on the negotiations and the proposed MOCA 4. If we reach an “In Principle” agreement with Queensland Health regarding a proposed MOCA 4, it will be put to members for an initial ballot to determine whether or not it would be accepted.

ASMOFQ is working hard to reach a fair, equitable and reasonable agreement with QHealth on behalf of you, our members. We can only continue to do this with your feedback, support and membership.

What should I do?

  • If an agreement is reached and certified, MOCA 4 will affect every aspect of your employment for the next three years! Make sure you have your say in it. Talk to your colleagues about what is happening, make sure they understand what is going on and that they too would benefit from joining AMAQ and ASMOFQ if they are not already a member.
  • Make sure your membership details are up to date. You can do this either via the website or by picking up the phone and calling.
  • Read your emails from ASMOFQ and share them with colleagues, stay up to date by liking and sharing our facebook page.

If you want to give feedback, have a query about membership or need help with an industrial matter, contact your union:


Renee Lamont, Senior Industrial Relations Advisor
0475 972 389

Katrina Marquez, Workplace Relations Advisor
07 3872 2216


ASMOFQ website: asmofq.org.au
AMAQ website: amaq.com.au

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