MOCA 5 Wins

The Medical Officers’ (Queensland Health) Certified Agreement (No. 5) 2018 (MOCA 5) was certified on Friday 31st May 2019.

You can read a copy of the Decision here. A copy of MOCA 5 can be found here.

Here's a summary of ASMOFQ's wins for you:

All Medical Officers

  • 2.5% pay increase per annum
  • *NEW* 2x 10-minute paid rest pauses in the first and second half of the day (or can be combined as 1x 20-minute paid break); and
  • *NEW* Digital Recall payments.


  • ~40% increase in Professional Development Allowance (from $1,575.93 to $2,200 per annum);
  • ~40% increase in Vocational Training Subsidy (from $2,626.50 to $3,670 per annum);
  • 60% increase in Professional Development Leave (from 5 days to 8 days per annum);
  • 100% increase in Examination Leave (from 2 days to 4 days per permissible occasion);
  • New entitlement for up to 3 days' travel time for rural and remote doctors accessing PDL; and
  • Accrued Professional Development Leave to be preserved for 25 months, if a Medical Officer leaves the health service.

Senior Medical Officers

  • Increase in SMO Professional Development Allowance:
  1. $20,500 Year One
  2. $21,000 Year Two
  3. $21,500 Year Three


Queensland Health has verbally confirmed that the aim is for Medical Officers to receive back pay on 26 June 2019. If this date changes, we will update members accordingly.