Our Mission

Our Mission

ASMOFQ the Doctors Union is a not-for-profit membership organisation that exists to improve the working lives of salaried doctors across Queensland.

Our role is to:

  1. protect and improve your working conditions (including wages, safety, leave and other entitlements) 
  2. ensure that doctors are treated fairly at work
  3. advocate for high quality health services.

ASMOF is a Union run by doctors for doctors and we employ a team of industrial staff who are experts in doctors’ workplace rights. 

Why do doctors need a Union?

By joining together as a Union, doctors are able to access a range of services and have a strong voice on important workplace matters. We get results for our members by working collectively towards our common goals.

As a registered Union, we have a legal right to enforce and improve your employment conditions, ensure you get the correct pay and advocate on your behalf if you ever have an issue in the workplace.

ASMOFQ is also a part of a much larger unified federation of doctors' industrial organisations, providing the Queensland medical fraternity with a strong voice nationwide.